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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Developing proprietary tools to recruit and screen high-quality medical professionals

Just a few questions that have been asked:

What’s your process for a potential candidate?

As a candidate, your first step is to apply online (here). We'll review your qualifications and skill set. If it’s a good fit, we will assign competency checklists and tasks. Then, we'll connect you for placement with one of our many potential providers looking for quality candidates, like yourself!

What is your process for an interested facility?

We strive to offer our clients a seamless experience. Our process is simple.

First, we meet to discuss your unique healthcare needs. Each meeting is intentional, designed to build and sustain trusted relationships and identify your staffing needs and priorities.

Next, we match our highly qualified candidates to your position. From our database of professionals we pull candidates who meet your qualifications and narrow the field to find perfect candidates for your needs.

Finally, we present you with quality candidates.

We offer a top-rank service agreement to help manage your costs and staffing needs with efficiency and confidence, never losing sight of patient care as the top priority.

What verification and screening do candidates go through?

Our candidates meet all necessary pre-employment screenings, such as: Criminal background checks, drug screenings, reference checks, and license and credential verification.